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We’re operating a skeletal operation right now, serving our legacy clients only, because all resources have been diverted into some VERY big changes:

  • A fresh brand
  • A completely new website
  • A totally new 12-month SEO product built from the ground up (with a fixed price).

Therefore, we’re unable to take on any new clients until our release in mid July 2024. To find out more, please see the FAQs below, and if you’re interested in working with us please register interest via the adjacent form.

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    What’s the upcoming SEO product?

    2 years in the making, and it’s almost ready. 

    We’re releasing a 12 month SEO consultancy package with a built-in project management system which brings us (the SEO consultants), and you (the Client / Developer), together in one place. It’s a proprietary system and draws on our years of experience of the unique relationship between these parties. 

    We’ve taken the lid off all our processes (50+ Deliverables with multiple phases) and have itemised what we do (complete with the actual spreadsheets we work on for your business). 

    We’ve done this to a standard whereby there isn’t a single piece of work performed that you wouldn’t be able to see and understand – combining it with educational material. The product has been designed so that if you had the resources and inclination to do so, you could take SEO In-House permanently by the end of our 12 month tenure.

    How much will it cost?

    The fee will be a fixed one-off cost, and we’re currently anticipating it will be £42,000 +VAT. This places the monthly cost at £3,500 (+VAT) / month on a 12 month contract.  

    The final price has not been calculated due to a few Deliverables having not yet been completed. However, it’s fundamentally based on cumulative time spent working with you and on your site, rather than an arbitrary monthly fee with no apparent end. 

    We anticipate somewhere in the region of 450 – 600 hours will be dedicated to your business over the course of a year.

    When do you launch?

    Our new website, brand, and product will all be ready / live in early-July 2024, and it will mark the end of an almost 2 and a half year process of building and focusing.

    What will happen to your current SEO market offering on this website?

    All information regarding our current SEO consultancy on this website will be replaced by our new brand, website, and product.

    What happens if I register interest?

    If you register interest we will be in touch with you in late June 2024 (firmly acknowledging that you’ve done nothing more than show minor interest at this point).