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In 3 – 6 Months

#1st Page Results Minimum
Top 3 Positions Targeted
30-Day Rolling Contract
6-Week Money Return Policy


The Number #1 London SEO Agency

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Your Business On Page #1

Your site will be on Page #1 of Google within 3-6 months. Our London SEO agency considers anything less than a top 3 position a success.

We Walk The Walk

93% of our own leads for Sharpe Digital come from our SEO and Google’s organic search results.


Evergreen SEO

Our SEO campaigns are designed to force the growth of your business long after we’re done working with you.

Data Based Results

Monthly Progress Graphs

You’ll receive graphs tracking your site’s position in Google for every single package keyword – so we can be held accountable.

Brand Promotion

6-Week Money Return

This policy allows you to use our SEO services totally risk-free. So if you’re still not sure after a month and a half it’s now okay.

Expert Consultancy

Unlimited Marketing Advice

We don’t just stop at SEO. With our FREE Concierge Service you’ll be able to get all sorts of help with your search and online marketing.

Sharpe Digital Customer Service

The Only SEO With A Concierge

All our clients qualify for our ‘All-In-One Concierge’ package.

The SEO service gives exclusive access to help with all aspects of your marketing
– ranging from 3rd party product advice and AdWords account audits, right
through to actionable consultation on increasing your site‘s conversions.

And the best bit? It’s complimentary.

We’ve worked with hundreds of UK & London Company websites – so we know what
works and what doesn’t.

Some Typical Concierge Requests Include…

“Can you check my Google Analytics is set up correctly?”
“Are there any better ways I can take payment online?”
“Is my conversion tracking on AdWords properly constructed?”
“Would email marketing via MailChimp be a good move for us?”

PLUS…Communication Channels
Beyond The Call Of Duty


Text Message
(Office Hours With Your Account Manager)

London Meetings

In Person Meetings
(Premier Clients Only)

Sharpe App

Sharpe Client App
(Coming Summer ’17 – iOS & Android)

...With A 68 Stage On-Site Optimisation Process

Manual and algorithmic SEO penalisation testing to ensure none of your HTML pages are flagged by the search engines
Properly optimised ‘H’ tags (H1, H2, H3…)
Properly optimised Meta Tags, Title Tags, and content to ensure high quality Google ‘snippets’
Image Alt Tags audited
Regular XML Site Map submissions
Keyword Density calculation on every indexed page to check SEO keyword stuffing
Your website’s interior link structure tailored for Googlebot spider crawling
Full set up of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics for use your site
Full set up of ‘Google My Business’ and Google Maps (including verification service)
SEO Moz Pro site scan
Implementation of Schema Mark Up Code
Tactical use of ‘follow’ and ‘no-follow’ internal links to influence every Google crawl of your site

Page copy and titles proofread and SEO edited for targeted keywords / synonyms / anonymous
Privacy policy checked and added if necessary
Your website added to the most powerful industry specific directories
Full search optimisation for Yahoo, Bing, and more…
Use of robot.txt files to disallow SPAM attacks and prevent competitors using SEO agenices to analyse your site
Full set up and optimisation of 20+ of the most powerful social media profiles for your site (inc. YouTube, Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…)
Procurement of high quality local and national links to your site on an ongoing basis
Monthly SERP reports to keep you updated on your website’s SEO progress
Website load speed tested and improved to highest capability
Mobile / smartphone / tablet ready and mobile optimised check
Disavowing of all SPAM links created by your online competition or previous SEO efforts
Link procurement from your industry’s universally recognised accreditations
Phone / email help and advice for anything online marketing related
and more…

Experts In Search
How Much Is A Search Engine Optimisation Agency?

A Personalised Package For Your Off-Site Strategy

We’re not an SEO factory, so we mould every Off-Site package on a
‘per client’ basis.

By focusing solely on the techniques your particular site needs we maximise speed and efficiency of results – which in turn keeps our fees down.

In fact, we were the first search engine marketing company to coin the phrase ‘Guerrilla SEO’ within the industry to describe this brutally efficient technique.

20+ Social Media Accounts – Set Up & Optimisation
Regular Content Marketing
Ongoing UK Business Directory Submissions
Industry Outreach
Protecting Your Site From Deliberate Negative SEO
Ongoing Vetted Link Acquisitions
Email Marketing
Daily SERP Monitoring
Online Reviews Management
Exclusively White Hat SEO
Google Penalty Rehabilitation (inc.‘Panda’, ‘Penguin’)

Satelite SEO

We’re a London SEO Agency – so through influencing Google we have the power to move traffic and customers away from one website to another.

The backdrop of every client campaign is to beat your rivals, so we use 3 distinct processes to combat anyone threatening to take custom away from you.

It’s Ethical…But It’s Not Fair

Sharpe DigitalAll your competitors’ advertising activities and SEO tactics are analysed by SEO experts through powerful tools like ‘SEMrush’, ‘Spyfu’, and ‘Majestic’.

Social MarketingThe resultant data forms a bespoke and tactical base for your own SEO campaign, but with a clear inside advantage.

Page 1 ResultsOnce results are achieved, your competitors are continuously monitored to ensure no existing or new websites ever close in on your business.

Sharing Progress In Black & White

All clients receive monthly keyword progress graphs like the sample on the left. Each graph charts the postion of your website in Google for a particular keyword over time – so monitoring the package keywords in your SEO campaign couldn’t be easier.

In fact you can expect to see an upward trend in your very first report, which comes just 4 weeks after we begin optimising your website.

London Company

PLUS, Exclusively For Marketing Managers…

Custom frequency and delivery times of your SEO keyword graphs so you’re never unprepared for the next marketing meeting.

An Industry Leading 30 Day ‘Flexi-Contract’

We have no minimum contractual period. Just 30 days notice. And that’s it.

Try an SEO campaign for 4 weeks, 3 months, half a year – with our ‘Flexi Contract’ it’s totally up to you how long you stay with us.

Our London SEO company uses commercial services when operating our own business, so we understand how valuable it is to be able to try something new but know you can change your mind if you want to.

Plus, with a 30-day rolling notice period, the pressure is on us to create results that will blow you away every single month.

Best Search Services

Turning SEO Into Organic Traffic…

Spikes’, ‘upsurges’, ‘breakthrough’, and ‘exciting’ – have all been used to describe the impact we’ve had on client traffic. But we prefer terms a little more down to earth…

‘Positive trends’, ‘steady increases’, and ‘incremental growth’ are what we regulalry thrive on.

With each position our SEO moves you up in Google, you can expect clear non-linear gains in your organic traffic.

And once your rankings reach Google positions of 1 – 5, you’re welcome to use the phrase – ‘Game Changing’.

…And Organic Traffic Into Profit

In the early 21st Century, Google is about as close to Alchemy as you’re ever going to get – so make the most of it while it’s there.

And what it means to you, depends on the ‘who’…

Top Consultant LondonIf you’re a Researcher, web traffic could be the next promotion.
Top Consultant LondonIf you’re the Marketing Manager, web traffic can secure a larger bonus.
Top Consultant LondonAnd if you’re the Company Director, web traffic means a new house.
Profit Maximisation

All Under The Umbrella Of A
6 Week Money Return Protection…

Why Should Fortune Have To Favour The Brave?

The UK SEO industry is severely lacking in any government regulation, so we understand choosing a provider can feel like a leap of faith.

As a London business ourselves we’re sensitive to the process of choosing and entrusting companies with your growth. That’s why we’re the only SEO services in the UK to provide a 6 week money return policy as standard.

Why 6 Weeks?

Because 6 weeks is more than enough time for us to witness a website move up in Google, and therefore validate our services are working well on a new client’s site. Any issues nearly always present themselves within the first 6 weeks.

But even if things are going great and you simply change your mind – all investments paid to date will be automatically returned by our accounts department.

Agency Protection Services

...That Has Yet To Ever Be Needed.

Client Testimonial

Jessica Williams | Director @ Sidekicks London 2nd October 2016Agency Proof

“Hiring Sharpe Digital is one of the best decisions we made for Sidekicks in our first year as a start up. They are thorough, efficient and *genuinely* brilliant to work with! We’ve had enormous value for money from them and they often get in touch with suggestions above and beyond their remit. If you want a top London-based search marketing agency that delivers clear, measurable results, these guys are who you need.”


Kate Ridgway | Marketing Manager@ Honey Barrett 29th August 2016

“Sharpe Digital have been providing us with SEO services in London for our website. We’ve been very impressed with their progress and they’ve increased our Google rankings considerably. Honey Barrett would be happy to recommend Sharpe Digital to other businesses.”

Canary Wharf

Tom Francis | CEO @ Sell New 12th March 2016

“I’m very happy with SHARPE DIGITAL and the impact they’re agency has had on our company over the past six months. Our revenue is up by about 65% and we’re on track for a record year for profit, and a lot of this can be attributed to their online marketing consultancy and service. It’s refreshing to write a truly positive review for once so thank you.Highly recommend.”

Search Engine Rankings

SEO Case Study

Robert Shaw | Marketing Manager@ YOUhome 4th August 2015Sharpe Optimisation Services

“I was attracted to Sharpe because of their ‘no nonsense’ approach to online marketing. They’re optimization experts who have delivered 1st page Google rankings.”

Seen Enough For Now?